TEPs is a software application for predicting road traffic volume and on-road emissions in urban areas.  TEPs uses traffic count data to predict periodic and annual volumes as well as GHG emissions at the level of each individual roadway for different years. Model outputs are automatically validated against observed traffic counts, demonstrating robust model performance. 

 TEPs can be easily used to quantify the impact of different scenarios on on-road emission in urban areas. TEPs has parallel computing capability.

About Us

Dr. Arman Ganji


Senior Research Associate, Transportation and Air Quality research group TRAQ
Manager of Climate Science for Engineering Centre (CSE)

Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering,  University of Toronto  35 St. George St.  Toronto, Ontario  Canada, M5S 1A4 Tel.: 416-978-5417  arman.ganji@utoronto.ca
Dr. Arman Ganji  has a background in environmental, air quality and Emission modelling, climate and water resources analysis under uncertainty. He is the main model developer for TEPs whose applications have included regional traffic and emission prediction in urban areas . He also has extensive experience in climate change with a focus on land surface modelling. 

Prof. Marianne Hatzopoulou


Associate Professor,

Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering,  University of Toronto  35 St. George St.  Toronto, Ontario  Canada, M5S 1A4 Tel.: 416-978-0864  marianne.hatzopoulou@utoronto.ca

Professor Hatzopoulou research area bridges between transportation and environmental  analysis; and the main expertise is in modelling of road transport  emissions and urban air quality as well as evaluating population  exposure to air pollution. She is interested in capturing the interactions  between the daily activities and travel patterns of urban dwellers and  the generation and dispersion of traffic emissions in urban  environments. She leads an active research group focusing on modelling  traffic emissions and near-road air quality as well as near-road air  pollution monitoring and characterization. 


35 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A4, Canada

Email: TepsPro@gmail.com